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MKMA (A145-16) Weekly News 47/16 Nov 18, 2016
Uzbekistan cotton has obvious advantages
Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan have high color quality, high rupture strength, high fiber length, low hand-picked cotton linters and low foreign fiber content. Slightly less problematic.
Uzbekistan cotton spinning strength is good, easy to dye, weaving breakage rate is low, medium-term quality of flowers and GM, SM-class Australian cotton is comparable to that of Uzbekistan, Quality, grade should be better than the Brazilian cotton, Indian cotton, cotton and other West Africa.
Cotton exports are still controlled by several state-owned trading companies. Relative to the African cotton, cotton, cotton quality, the cotton mainly by dozens of large cotton ginning factory acquisition processing, in strict accordance with the "one trial five set" "grading and sorting" operation, not only cotton test data Relatively reliable, credible, and the quality of rolling is also better, and other small cotton plant origin acquisition, processing is not standardized compared to a lot stronger.
Several designated trading company operation, there is no pressure to grab each other alone, the possibility of significant fluctuations in cotton prices, cotton processing enterprises performance is stable.
乌兹别克斯 坦棉的优势 明显
乌兹别克斯 坦、塔吉克 斯坦及土库 曼斯坦的棉 花品质颜色 级高、断裂 比强度高、 纤维长度高 ,而且手采 棉短绒率低 、异纤含量 低,但伏前 花同样存在 马值大、一 致性稍差的 问题。
山东、河北 、河南等地 几家常年采 购乌兹别克 斯坦棉的纺 企表示,乌 兹别克斯坦 棉纺纱强力 好、易染色 、织造断头 率低,中期 花品质与GMӌ 9;SM级澳棉不 456;上下,品$ 136;、品级要 126;显发好于 052;西棉、印 230;棉、西非 825;等。
乌棉出口仍 由几家国有 贸易公司控 制。相对于 非洲棉、印 度棉轧花质 量而言,乌 棉主要由数 十家大型轧 花厂收购加 工,严格按 着“一试五& #23450;”“分等 0998;级分垛” 805;作,因此 981;仅棉花检' 564;数据比较 487;靠、可信A 292;而且轧工$ 136;量也比较 909;,与其它 135;地棉花小 378;收购、加 037;不规范相 604;要强很多 290;
几家指定贸 易公司操作 ,不存在相 互压价抢单 ,棉价大幅 波动的可能 ,棉花加工 企业表现稳 定。

Uzbekistan Cotton

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