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Neutral Packing Gift Pack
Bird Nest contains a lot of sticky protein, glycoprotein, calcium, phosphorus, and other can enhance the body's resistance to disease, help fight colds and coughs. Therefore, smoking and suffering from respiratory diseasesn are most effective, help the body recover after illness, is a noble and pure natural health products. Bird's nest on the lungs healthy waist, strong stomach and spleen, so have a unique effect. Nest rich in active protein, can promote tissue growth, enhance immunity.
Women who eat bird's nest can maintain the skin, the skin moist, smooth and elastic.
Men eat bird's nest can improve skin condition, full spirit, so that more energetic.
Elderly, the sick and infirm and other eating bird's nest can enhance immunity, physical fitness, to better enjoy the fun of life.

Rock Sugar Bird's Nest Drinks

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