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70D/24F/2PLY Semi Dull
Various water, jet looms, warp knitting machine, knitting machine, lace machine, weaving machine, hosiery, including yarn, woven machines.
Fujian Jinjiang Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "JJ")
was incorporated in April 2006, in China specializing in the high-end
nylon fiber production and marketing. China Department of one of the
importing country of the world's leading nylon fiber; JJ set up to benefit
from continued growth in demand for nylon fiber products.
JJ from the famous German man-made fibers, industrial machinery manufacturing business Oerlikon - the Barmag company (of Oerlikon-Barmag) to import advanced technology models of equipment. In April 2008, Jinjiang two 128 nylon production line. March 2009, Jin Jiang, Changle City, Fujian Province created by Nylon Industrial Co., Ltd. acquired a production line. As a result, JJ's annual production capacity to 125,000 tonnes (100 denier yarn).

Nylon 6 DTY ( Draw Textured Yarn)

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