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High Strengthened Polyester Staple Fiber short fiber. Full capacity 228,000ton/year.
  Perusahaan Chin Hin Giap Sdn. Bhd. is proud to offer the Best spun yarn grade PSF from China - JINGWEI NEWFIBER
* 100% Oerlikon NeuMag from Germany total 3 lines 2014 model only one in whole China. Start from PTA and MEG to Fiber.
* Best spin finish lubricants for synthetic Fiber: Takemoto Japan
It means even for high speed spinning or airjet (MVS) also suitable.
2Lines 1.4D + 1 Line 1.2D = 19000ton+/month
Each line produces 200ton+/day.
Each line is running 21hour and 3 lines rotates maintaining 3hours every day to ensure stable quality especially the blade sharpness.
12ton/filament container provide extra stability as compare to others only around 4ton.
380kg/bales. QC tested every bale sample before export.
Free drop down fiber after rotation upward cutting to ensure standard height during opening without fluffiness or extra height unlike air jet packing method.
Jingwei is using own single PSF source to produce 100% spun polyester yarn.
Even other spinners prefer at least 2 to 4 sources in blending spun yarn, Jingwei PSF always the major portion choice.

High Strengthened PSF 1.4D or 1.2D 38mm For Spun Yarn

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