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Fujian Minrui Environmental Fiber Co.,Ltd is located in the north of Fujian province, where three influential provinces of china, Fujian, Zhejiang and Jiangxi are connected, thus easy transportation is available with easy access to labor, resources and technique support.
Fujian Minrui Environmental Fiber Co.,Ltd is a RETURN PROJECT investment project, which is introduced from Jiangsu province by Songxi County. Our company was settled in the East economic development area of Songxi County in May 2012, covering an area of 100,000 square meters, we mainly produce and sell environmental bio-fiber, polyester staple fiber and other kinds of synthetic fiber. Our companys registered capital is 150 million RMB yuan, with a total investment of 700 million yuan, divided into three stages for 10 production lines to produce 200,000 tons of polyester staple fiber yearly.
The first phase investment is 140 million yuan with construction of two production lines, the first production line was put into operation in June 2013, the second production line was put into operation in September 2014, the two production lines mainly produce polyester staple fiber.
The second phase of the third and the fourth production line was fully launched in August 2015, will be put into operation within this year, the second phase will work with U.S DuPont company to produce high-end down-like fiber. In this year, we will achieve output of more than five hundred million yuan. The third phase of six production lines will be planned to start construction in 2017.
Fujian Minrui Environmental Fiber Co.,Ltd owns prospect market and good sales, we have got the Peoples Republic of China import license for solid wastes as raw materials,which is restrictedly imported in China, our annual import volume is up to 40,000 tons, worth more than 30 million US dollars, our annual export volume is up to 20,000 tons, worth 24 million US dollars .In 2015, our company has realized output value of 350 million yuan with 13.6 million yuan paid taxes.
Furthermore, our company is also actively planning New OTC Market Listed, by signed agreements with Shanghai Securities LLC, Tianjian Certified Public Accountants and Shanghai Bailins Law Firm; by May 18, Shanghai Zhaochuang Assets Management Co., Ltd had invested 52.5 million yuan, accounting for 20% of the shares, our company had completed the share reform by July 9, 2015, and officially changed its name to:
Fujian Minrui Environmental Fiber Joint Stock Co.,Ltd. During this year, our company plans to obtain the approval of China Securities Regulatory Commission ,after obtaining the approval, will make the private placement of 100 million yuan, accounting for 10% stakes. In early 2016, our company will be formally listed.

High End Down-Like Fiber (US Dupont)

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